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The Hamburger Harry's family has been an active part of the greater Edmonds community for over 20 years. With this, the team has seen family become customers, and more importantly customers become family.

Hamburger Harry’s strives to provide the best experience for its newfound friends. To ensure this, they continue to abide by their special formula, starting with the food, their ingredients are delivered three times a week to bring forth the freshest meals. Fries, a signature item, bottomless, are hand-cut daily and initially blanched then put in the walk in freezer to rapid cool. The milkshakes are hand-dipped to perfection, burgers are always fresh never frozen, the list continues, the food never disappoints! The next ingredient to the Hamburger Harry’s experience is friendship, they continue to support those around them. When you enter the restaurant they don’t see you as a customer, rather, as a potential friend. This is something they take very seriously as the relationships built continue to prove infinitely more valuable than anything. Lastly, they strive to bring the community together through strategies such as their popular 6:30PM trivia night every Wednesday that locals traditionally enjoy.

The Hamburger Harry’s team knows what a family restaurant and night-out experience should look like and that is what they aim to provide to it’s wonderful community.



610 5th Ave S, Edmonds, WA 98020



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